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1. The Answer

A short, simple course about man's sinful
condition, the penalty paid for his sins,

penalty paid by Christ, the truth that there

is hope.

An ideal tool for sharing the gospel.

2. The "My God and I"

Course consists of 11 short lessons in one
booklet dealing with the concept of God,
creation, sin, the work of Christ, His
death and resurrection and His coming
again. This excellent evangelistic
course may be used for Juniors in Sunday

School or as follow-up material.

3. "Superheroes of the Bible"

Is a lesson for children. This consists of
stories of some Bible characters.

It also includes children's activities.

4. Tuklasin

A discovery study guide series for small
groups. This delightful study guide is
specially designed to meet the needs of
Filipino small groups. It comes with good
graphic illustrations and Christian

Tunay na Kapayapaan

5. Tuklasin 2

Tunay na Kagalakan

6. Tuklasin 3

Tunay na Layunin

7. Santiago

A study guide for personal and small group
Bible Studies. The lesson focuses on
practical Christianity. Its features consist of
the scripture text of the topic; personal

study questions and questions designed

for small group meetings.

From the biggest selling book in
the history of the world...
Comes the greatest story ever told...
About the most controversial man
who ever lived...
Presented in the most popular
graphic novel format on earth.